Would you love to bring a calm energy into your home? 

Do you love filling your home with artwork that inspires you daily?

Do you love artwork that is unique?

I am an artist, photographer and hand letterer.

I have a very similar story to many of you who may have spent time as a child painting and drawing but maybe having to conform to drawing in the lines or some other limitation we ended up thinking we were no good at it.  It hasn't been until the last few years where I have really started to embrace my creative side. Straight out of school I went to nursing which I did form many years, and it wasn't until I had my children and they started school that I had the time to think about what I would really love to spend my time on. It started with Photography and has branched out to brush lettering and abstract art and I now feel compelled to create in some way, shape, or form nearly every day. The pull of creativity is so interesting once you embrace it! I have been right into the photography however spending so much time editing on the computer was doing my head so that is when I started to spend time learning lettering and create art to calm my mind, and also to express that which my voice can not. I am now searching for a deeper connection with nature and the universe, which I know can provide a source of joy, and clarity to calm the mind, which I know so many of us are in need of this now. The more calm and clarity the better I say!

I live in Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia where we are surrounded by the magnificence of the pacific ocean. My paintings are inspired by my surrounds and I am particularly drawn to the movement and texture of the ocean, as well as it’s calming blue tones. I have always loved photographing the ocean and so it makes sense that I would also want to paint it. I paint intuitively and my hope is that my art helps to bring a small part of nature into your home, provide a sense of calm, and assist or inspire you to reconnect yourself with the outdoors. With my lettering I use ink and brushes to hand letter quotes that I feel can appear on the walls of your home to bring strength and inspiration into your daily life. With my photography, again I am focused on nature and the ocean. You will notice I like to keep things a little organic and abstract though, because I love the perfection of imperfection.

Whether it is my photography, abstract art or my quote prints, each representation is so unique, and you can create your own story and connection from what you see. You can be reminded of a favourite place they may have been as a child, or be inspired daily by words of strength, or they can just get the feeling of peace, tranquility and grounding that nature and beautiful colours can invoke.

As an artist I endeavour to be amazed at the world around us. Be it the ocean, the forest, the sand or the sky, I will observe quietly, be inspired gently and work intuitively.

Please take a look around my site.  Maybe you would like to head to my STORE here. I hope my works speaks to you in some way, and would love to hear from you anytime.




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