Soon to be 4 - Brisbane Family Photography

I can not remember how I first discovered Jessie and her page Get a Fresh Start.  It was through Facebook somehow.  Through a link to a link to a link.  You know how that happens.  I have been on a nutritional discovery for a number of years now and earlier this year I accelerated my learning.  Coming across Jessie’s page happened at at time when I really needed my ideas cemented.  Jessie is courageous, outspoken and such an inspiration to many and her transparency is refreshing.  She would love to educate the world on real nutrition principles, not what we have been brainwashed to believe.  Dan, Jessie’s partner is also studying nutrition so together they will be a forced to be reckoned with.  And gorgeous Dom - well he is just totally adorable.  Totally.

I am currently running some mini sessions called "In The Kitchen", which are focused around cooking with your children.  If you would like to book one of these or any of my standard storytelling photography sessions, you can Get In Touch here  for further info. 

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Giveaway Winner Wholefood Simply - Brisbane Family Lifestyle Photography

Saturday.  A lovely spring morning with a few clouds in the sky.  I was heading down to the Gold Coast to photograph the winners of our Wholefood Simply Family Lifestyle Photography Session Giveaway.

I turned up bright and early, just in time for breakfast. I was greeted by two adorable, smiling faces, and delicious warm bowls of porridge. The sense of family and the feeling of home were overwhelming. I knew this was going to be fun.

We took our full bellies outside and together we raided the well stocked veggie garden before heading back indoors to whip up some truly delectable treats.

Flynn and Amelia showed me their rooms, their favourite toys, I was high on the love and enthusiasm.

Jacek was busy building, fixing, finishing the incomplete.

The smell of chocolate cookies soon led us all to the kitchen. We sampled some fine garden fresh produce as we waited for the cookies to cool; it was a divine ending to my blissful morning.

It was a joy capturing the everyday moments for this beautiful family.