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Sitting on red vintage chairs, at a table hand made by her talented husband, and sharing a cup of herbal tea with Lou, I felt instantly welcomed.  What a pleasure it was to meet a talented lady who has a passion for healthy food and lifestyle, sourcing her food locally, practicing and teaching yoga, and working as a Doula helping expectant Mums with the delivery of their babies.  She also makes a myriad of delicious and nutritious treats and skin care items, and crystal bracelets.  Lou's Yogi Tree business is based on the northern end of the Gold Coast, and you can also find her Etsy store here.


Let's meet Lou....

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. 

I'm a Mother of one - Sidney an (almost) 4 year old. Been married to Leigh for 2 years - met on a blind date in Melbourne. We have a Kelpie/Border Collie named Beau so between her and Sidney I am run ragged with all the ENERGY my family possesses!

I am originally for Chirstchurch, New Zealand but have been living in Australia (Melbourne/Sydney and now the GC) for coming up 8 years.

You have a ton of healthy recipes on your website and appear to have an all round healthy and holistic lifestyle. How long have you been practicing yoga and healthy living?

I have been practicing yoga since my late teens, but it was falling pregnant that made me realize the sheer amazingness of yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Since then I have deepened my practice immensely and now specialize in pre and post natal yoga, as well as working as a doula. I have generally always been a healthy eater - I have been a strict vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, raw foodie - you name it! Nowadays I aim for whole, unprocessed foods and source the majority of my dairy, meat and produce from nearby farms or through co-ops.

I am always looking for new breakfast ideas. What do you and your family like to eat for breakfast?   

Well my husband leaves the house at about 4:30am so I have no idea what he eats - probably some of my home made muesli that I make him every week! Sidney loves smoothies so he generally asks for a liquid breaky - banana, kefir, raw honey, baby spinach and vegan protein powder are what I sneak in!

I usually have some sort of strange concoction - I eat weird stuff. At the moment my favourite breakfast is a combo of kefir, banana, honey, almond butter, spirilina and coconut flour mixed into a weird bowl of gloop. Delicious, but gloopy. I told you I eat weird stuff.

What do you like to do for fun?

Camping!! We loves adventuring as a family - North Stradbroke Island is our favourite getaway..... pack up the 4WD, find a remote spot back from the beach and just get away from it all - bliss.

Fishing, beach yoga, hunting for shells, cooking on an open fire - that is my idea of a good time.

I also love to read, make jewellery, cook, and garden.

What inspires you?

The feeling of helping and guiding others along their own journey - whatever that means.

Connecting with like-minded souls.

Harnessing my creativity and expressing it through multiple mediums.

I notice you have quite a few branches to your business. Can you describe what your business entails?  

Hmmmm - some days I don't know myself!

I called my business Yogi Tree as it's not just about YOGA - more about the yogic lifestyle. I offer yoga classes, natural products such as skincare, herb tinctures, essential oil blends, Australian Bush Flower remedies, wholefood snacks, energetic jewellery and also work as a doula.

I like to offer an aspect of a holistic lifestyle - through practicing yoga you are opened to the idea of living mindfully - what you put into your body, how you treat others, how you parents. It's all connected!

What do you love most about your business?

The freedom to express myself and share my knowledge with others.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to expecting Mums.   

That your life is going to change. Big time. And that is OK.... allow yourself to surrender to the process and learn to tune into and trust your intuition.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your business. 

I truly feel blessed to do what I do and can't wait for what is around the corner for myself and Yogi Tree.


Now for a bit of yoga......

Ahhhh, do we all feel nice and relaxed now.  I was so inspired after chatting to and photographing Lou and Sandy that I went and did a yoga class the next day.

On to some of Lou's special treats now........

I went home with a batch of these delicious Yogi Balls.  Let's just say there wasn't many left when I arrived.

Energetic Jewellery

Energetic Jewellery

Bushflower Remedies

Bushflower Remedies

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