Two Warm Hands | Brisbane Ceramic Artist

I would like to show you the work or a wonderful artisan, Miya from Two Warm Hands. Miya, like many of us I dare say, squashed her creativity for a long time not seeing the value of being creative in the society we live in today.  After studying fine art and education, she ended up working in child care and education for 13 years. In her own words she has “now found the magic of life all over again.”

She needed to rediscover herself after being burnt out from education, and spent time recovering and then was accepted to the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme). By chance she was also contacted by a fine dining restaurant in Brisbane who had seen her pottery work and wanted her to make custom plates for them. Enter HUGE learning curve! She went from making pottery for fun to establishing a line that would withstand the demands of a high end commercial kitchen. Since then her passion for ceramics has only increased. She has been selling at local markets, was at the latest Finders Keepers in Brisbane and is soon to open an online shop.

I love the natural look of the pieces Miya creates, and I feel her gentle nature is transposed into each piece she makes. Her pieces feel refined with an organic edge and they would sit equally well in a modern dining setting or a country kitchen. She is inspired by natural materials, slow and simple processes and working with the natural environment, which again is clear in her work.

I spent some time in Miya’s studio which is in an amazing building run by Metro Arts in Brisbane.

As well as photographing stills, I have been exploring with video lately, and took the opportunity to practice my skills while I was there. I still have a lot to learn with video that is for sure. I do think it is a great way to show how much works goes into each piece of pottery.

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To see more of Miya's pottery you can find her website Two Warm Hands HERE.

Artisan Wholefoods Cooking School | Northern NSW

Nestled in the gorgeous valley of Northern NSW is Jeans’s property which houses the premises for her cooking school. To attend a class here is not just an experience in learning to cook in an artisan way, it is an experience in itself, especially for us city folk. Take your time getting there and enjoy some of the small towns on the way, stop by and chat to the locals, experience some local produce, then meander out past the ducks and the cows, and the citrus farms until you get to the magic of Crystal Creek.

Jean has set up a fully self-contained premises for her cooking school and during your time there, you will get to experience the sound of the guinea fowl, look out to her fruiting bush lemons and her many many many chickens.

Making bread from scratch, learning the art of sourdough, pastries, experiencing and learning about various different ingredients you may never have heard of, fermentation, gluten free baking, healing your gut are just of a few of the classes that Jean has on offer. She has so much in-depth knowledge about the cooking processes and ingredients to impart.

Jean is a professionally trained chef and has studied with Jude Bleurea as well as having attended the Wholefoods Chef training at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York, so you are in good hands when you attend one of her classes. Jean has such a lovely calm manner and is a pleasure to spend time with, and is so willing to share her knowledge. She offers a variety of classes as mentioned above and also conducts one on one intensive training. She is constantly developing her program and it is exciting to see what she next has on offer.

As you can imagine spending the day learning to cook in such a gorgeous environment, is pretty much bliss. It is therapy in itself to be in this space, let alone what you will learn and take home. Enjoy the images below, but more importantly take a look at Jean's website ARTISAN WHOLEFOODS and see what she has on offer. You won't be disappointed.

These images are a part of my artisan project. If you don't know about it, I am photographing artisans in their workplace, around Brisbane and Northern Nsw. If you know of an artisan that would be interested in participating in this project, then let them know and they can get in touch with me.

If you have a business you think you would like to showcase your work through real life imagery, send me a message through my contact form.