Teenage Photography

Danni - Teenage Beach Photography Session Gold Coast

The lovely Danni ....

An absolute pleasure to photograph and from what I saw a gorgeously affectionate and loving daughter. As you can see Danni is a very keen and talented dancer. 


What is your favourite colour - Light blue or Light pink

What is your favourite song at the moment - Best day of my life by American Authors

What is your favourite dinner - Spicy Beef Pasta

What is the last movie you watched - Pitch Perfect

Who is your favourite actor - Adam Sandler

What would be your favourite thing to do on a weekend - Theme parks or shopping spree

If you could go travel anywhere in the world, where would you go - Europe

What would you like to do when you leave school - Dance

What do you think you will spend a lot of time doing in 5 years time - Training guide dogs (or studying for exams)

Stay tuned as bit more of Danni and her family will be up on my blog soon.