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Grandma's 90th Birthday - Brisbane Documentary Photographer

When Elizabeth contacted me to photograph her Grandma's upcoming 90th birthday celebrations, I was so excited.  To be able to provide precious memories and a wonderful experience for this family is an opportunity that I was blessed to receive.  Blanche, the birthday girl was really looking forward to the morning tea and on the day she was an absolute treasure.  Her great grandchildren just loved listening to her reading them stories. I just loved how she embraced all her family, she was calm and relaxed with the number of people in her small unit and took everything in her stride.  She was not worried by a glass of flowers being knocked over by a little munchkin - don't worry about it she said to her family, it's just water.  I don't worry about a bit of water.  I love this.  A lesson to be learned for all of us there!  Happy Birthday Blanche - it was a pleasure to join you.