Buchi Kombucha - Brisbane Photography

Following on my theme of healthy living, this is one of my newest discoveries.   I came across the Buchi Kombuchi stand recently at the Northey Street Organic Markets.  If you haven't seen that post you can find it here.  I have read a lot about Kombucha and it's health benefits, so I was excited to be able to test it out.  Let's just say the bottle did not last as long as we thought - I loved it, the kids loved it and my husband loved it.  The variety we chose tasted a lot like a ginger beer.  Back we went the following week to stock up again.  The good thing is that you don't need to drink a whole cupful to reap the benefits.  If you are not aware of the health benefits head on over to the Buchi Kombucha website to read more!   

And this is Buchi Stand where you can buy Kombuchu on tap or by the bottle to take home.