Fort Lytton Brisbane - Brisbane Family Photographer

For those of you in Brisbane, it is definitely worth a trip out to Fort Lytton for a Sunday mornings education in history, especially if you have some boys to bring along.  This is a donation only attraction and obviously is no Dreamworld however there is nothing like a few guns and canons to peak their interest.  Toby who does not normally like to stand still for any length of time had no worries paying attention on the two hour tour of this historical site.  You can visit and take yourself around the site, however I do recommend taking the guided tour.  You get to hear from retired Army soliders all the ins and outs of how everything was setup and used. They didn't fire the canons when we were there, you have to catch them on certain Sundays.  On the 8th and 9th of June they are having a special weekend called History Alive.  Here is a link to their website for more information www.historyalive.com.au  Oh, and the canons will be warmed up then!