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Pure goodness - Brisbane Family Photography

You might being seeing a bit of food photography amongst my beautiful family sessions.  Good quality food is close to my heart and I am currently on a quest for healthy nutritious recipes.  Recipes made from wholefoods.  Those that don't include white standard sugar and preferably no sugar at all.  Any recipe that includes coconut in any way shape or form is also high up on my list to try.  Coconut is probably my favourite ingredient of all time.  I could live on the stuff!  A fantastic blog and recipe resource is Wholefoods Simply.  There are some absolutely delicious looking recipes on there and these are two that I have tried out recently.  Both highly successful! 

This Mud Cake was just pure goodness - and the icing was to die for!

Wholefood Simply Caramel Mud Cake Recipe

I love these with a coffee at night time - well just about any time really!

Wholefood Simply - Let us Reminisce Coconut Rough Recipe