A family garden - Brisbane Family Photography

I was welcomed into the home of this beautiful family one afternoon.  Not long awake Meech greeted me at the door with a great big smile letting me know that her hubby and babe were still asleep (this was a Sunday afternoon after all).  So we chatted for a little while about food and plants - as you do.

Meech and Clinton love their garden and for their photos decided they would plant a veggie garden.  Something that is important to them as a family.  Some of the seeds they decided to plant were very old and even a few where given to Clinton by his Grandmother.  I have heard recently that they are sprouting nicely.  It will be a surprise to see what Clinton's grandmother's seeds will end up as. 

As a photographer I love to find the magical moments in the everyday lives of the families I visit.  This family was definitely extraordinary.