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Kristine is like a breath of fresh air.  Bubbly, lively, fun and inspiring. She is a strong health advocate, knowing that she can change peoples lives by teaching them how to eat in a healthy, nutritious and sustainable way. And she definitely walks the talk.  Sometimes I find this healthy eating so hard - my kids complain and whinge that they, don’t get all the “treats’ that everyone else does, but then you meet like minded people like Kristina and realise that there are others out there with similar philosophies.  I am excited to be inspired to take my thermomix to new heights with some inspirational recipes from her page Mix Eat Laugh.  I hope you enjoy.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?  

I am a work from home mom to a 2 year old boy and part time step mom to another two boys, 7 & 11. We have one week that is extremely busy with school, sports, play dates and work. Then one week that is quiet, where we are a bit lost without the older two boys... Never a dull moment though.

I am from Norway, my husband is South African and our children were all born in Australia. It is an interesting mix, and we often confuse people as of our origin...

Do you consider yourself a healthy eater and do you have any particular food philosophies?  

Yes, we do consider ourselves healthy eaters. I do not follow any particular food philosophy. However I do believe that one should eat food as close to it's natural origin as possible. We do not buy any processed foods, and will make all our meals from scratch.
Our diet is mainly based on vegetables, fruit, meats and eggs. However, we do not follow a paleo diet. We do however notice that our bodies work better and we feel better avoiding certain food groups like grains.

Tell us about your business and what you love about it

I am an Independent Thermomix Consultant.
5 years ago I qualified with an Advanced diploma of Naturopathy. I found it hard going out working for someone else as my believes were not in prescribing products but in changing peoples lives through the way they eat and live.
As a Thermomix consultant I am invited into my customers lives and homes, introducing them to an easier road towards a wholefood life. Changing habits one step at a time as they are ready to learn more. It is not where I thought I would have found myself 5 years ago. But I am now being able to pass my knowledge about food and nutrition onto so many more open minded people that I would not necessarily have reached otherwise...

What do you love most about your business? 

Being a stay at home mom, having the flexibility to work my own hours is a big bonus.
Building relationships and friendships through meeting like minded people and always learning more about food and nutrition has been amazing.
But being able to live, teach and preach what I love and earning money at the same time... not many can say that they love their job! And for that I am utterly grateful that I was introduced to Thermomix and consultancy.
I am always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas. What do you and your family like to eat for breakfast?:    I love eggs... and will have eggs for breakfast most days. Throughout the week normally scrambled in coconut oil served with leafy greens and left over roast veg.
On the weekends we might make our eggs souse vide (60 min at 60 degrees), silky smooth eggs served with homemade bacon and seasonal vegetables. A great breakfast full of protein and good fats that keep us going through the whole day. Great for busy moms who work from home!
Our two older boys love smoothies in the morning. And the little one will eat what we have, but also loves to start the day with my Norwegian rice porridge. During the week I often send my husband to work with fresh muesli with homemade yoghurt, he loves it.
What do you think stops people or slows them down when it comes to eating healthy food.:    I often hear that eating healthy is either too difficult or too expensive.

People are worried that creating meals from scratch will take up too much of their time. It is a big shame, as throwing together a salad with some leftover meat and vegetables is a beautiful filling meal that takes 5 minutes to do. However, being organised and thinking ahead might be a bit overwhelming for some when starting out. When cooking dinner I always make enough for left overs for lunch the next day. That way there is one less meal to prepare.

I don't find it expensive to eat a wholefood diet. We buy fruit and vegetables in season from the markets and meat in bulk. Yes, it might be cheaper sometimes to buy a processed man-made food from the supermarket that will fill you up at the time. However, I rather invest in my health through good foods now than medical bills as we grow older...

Do you have some favourite places where you like to purchase ingredients and groceries?  

I try to support local farmers and small local businesses as much as I can. I am not a big fan of supermarkets and try to avoid them as much as possible.

We love going to Northey Street Organic Market at Windsor on Sunday mornings. I have been going there for many years and it is part of our weekend routine. I get a little bit lost when we don't make it... Our local fruit and vegetable shop, Charlies at Everton Park, is also fabulous. They have the friendliest staff and their produce is always fresh and reasonable. And I love how they support their local community, schools and sports club. And other small businesses like myself.

What are some of your favourite go to recipes?   

It is funny, I was thinking about this yesterday while making Mexican salsa. I seem to be making this every couple of weeks as we go through a lot. Our 11 year old used to be 'addicted' to tomato sauce. He would put it on everything. Now, I no longer keep tomato sauce for him. But we have all started to have Mexican Salsa with everything we eat.

I am not much of a recipe follower. I suppose being gluten and dairy intolerant (and avoiding some other foods that don't agree with me) I often have to substitute ingredients. And when doing so I change the recipe I follow so much it really is nothing similar to what I started out with.

My boys love Quirky Jo's gluten free artisian bread though. And because you make a big batch to keep in the fridge and cook as needed they always have fresh bread rolls for school lunches.

I also love a good bolognaise sauce, or savoury mince. I never follow a recipe as I always use whatever vegetables and meat we have on hand. But it always makes enough to create a few different meals...

What is a favourite weekend activity you like to do with your family?  All our boys are very active and love playing sports. So just spending time outside at a park playing ball, riding bikes or watching the kids play their selected sports is great.
I don't think I can say I have a favourite activity. It's more just spending time together. If it is sports or sitting in the kitchen making food and laughing... Sometimes life gets so busy we forget to stop and just enjoy. Even just sitting around the dinner table playing games and talking...

I think I would like to live with Kristine!  I am definitley inspired to try the  mexican salsa recipe!

First up we have a green smoothie - the first one I ever liked!

A quick run to the bedroom to read a couple of books.

Now back to the kitchen to make some Bliss Balls - they are always good. One of my favourites and you will see from the images that Liam quite likes them too!

I have some gorgeous images from Liam, Krisitne's son, however there were too many for this post.  I will do separate post for Liam soon.

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