Art and the Heart

Photography Workshop by Samm Blake and Dan O'Day - Art and the Heart

I was so blessed to be able to attend this amazing workshop, Art and the Heart by two extremely talented Australian Photographers, Samm Blake and Dan O'Day.  Their work is incredibly inspiring and to be able to gain just a little bit of insight into how they think is priceless.  Renee Blake, Samm's sister was the production manager and did an incredible job of freshly preparing our meals for the week. Renee does an amazing job of designing albums.

I have a wonderful husband who held the fort and home for a week while I took off to the hinterland of Northern NSW to basically retreat in all things photography.  I took a leap of faith and shared a house with two other workshop attendees who I had never met.  They ended up being two very wonderful people, an absolute breath of fresh air and I was so lucky to get to know them.  I also met some other absolutely gorgeous photographers from all parts of Australia. 

Samm and Dan were extremely willing to share their knowledge and took particular interest in making sure all our questions were answered.  We are also lucky enough to have the very talented photographers Todd and Alyda from Todd HunterMCGaw attend for most of the workshop.  More incredible photographers to ask questions and bounce ideas with.

Here are a few images I took while I was there.  We had absolutely breathtaking views from the house where the workshop took place, and some really unseasonal weather for the week, as you will see....

The workshop finished, and a few of us met up for breakfast in my absolute favourite town in Northern NSW, Brunswick Heads!