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I would like to introduce you to Cindy from A Cultured Life who is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Cindy is all about fresh ingredients, the benefits of cultured food and the art of slow living.  It is not a recent project for her to run her own vegetable garden, she has been managing to do that for years. A vegetarian, she relishes the opportunity to take peace and tranquility in tending to her vegetables knowing that she can provide herself and her family with the most nutritious ingredients around.  Her gardening and fermenting process are a form of solitude that balances her work like as a police officer.  And in Cindy's words she believes that "living simply is the key to happiness."

She has an amazing passion for cooking and takes pleasure in the opportunity to cook for others.  She has grand plans which I will let her describe to you

I will be creating a beautiful fermenting studio for people to come and gather for workshops, learn about beautiful fermented food and enjoy food from my garden for lunch and create a beautiful fermented organic product to take home. Fermenting, food, fun and fabulous people......

Kefir and other fermented products like home made yoghurt are becoming quite popular, with a lot of people working out ways to heal their digestive tract and improve their immune system. Cindy's business started when she wanted to help heal a friend who was quite unwell and it is very clear from spending time with her that she is incredibly passionate about the art of fermenting, and cooking from fresh ingredients.  One day I hope to sample some of her cooking!

Cindy's website is still in the development stage, however she can be found on INSTAGRAM where you will get to be tempted by her baking, gardening and fermenting!  Oh and she is pretty handy with her camera I must stay - I think she has the knack and you will see lots of beautiful images from her in the weeks to come. Oh and she has a pizza oven in her back yard which her husband built, so I had to include a couple of images of that.  Who wouldn't want a pizza oven in their back yard!

Oh and I have to add, Cindy was so inspiring that I came home and built my own herb and vegetable garden!  I am not kidding.  Mine are all in pots, but I have mint, coriander, basil, thyme, mini capsicums, chilli and some lettuces. I also have some carrots and radishes to plant.  I haven't done any gardening for years so it is pretty exciting to be so inspired to give it a go again!

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