Food Photography | Recipes from Wholefood Simply

Earlier this year I started taking some images of the recipes I cooked. Just because I love food and I love photography.  It is something that interested me.  I cooked styled and photographed for these photos.  I am pretty proud of myself because all of these images were taken with things I already had around the house.  It seems I can be quite resourceful when I need to be!  Just last week I have completed the photography and styling for a cookbook that is going to be published by Di at Hungry Tums and I can't wait to show you those images when they are ready.

All of these I cooked or baked myself, form the wonderful recipes of Bianca fromWholefood Simply.  They are all very delicious, my favourites are the lemon slice and the orange cake.  You will have to take a look at her page.

Thank your visiting my blog. As well as photographing food I also photograph families and newborns in my natural documentary style.  Feel free to have a look further through my website - you might like to start here