Why drinking coffee and buying art are similar ......

Drinking coffee is not just about the coffee ....


We all love a beautifully made coffee. Well if you are Aussie you do. We have a huge coffee and coffee shop culture here. There is also a huge coffee machine culture. Why has this become so popular in recent years. My belief is that it’s not just about the coffee. I mean quality helps of course (who else grew up with international roast!), but I think it’s all about pleasure, feeling nurtured, creating connections with others and slowing down.

So what’s pleasurable and nurturing about a coffee? Well for start, it’s a sensory experience. There is the smell, (the best thing ever), the warmth, the taste of course and then there is the fact that someone needs to hand make it for you, then there is the delicious creamy froth that you don’t get in an instant, and also there is the clever “latte art” on the froth (we all love that).

So what about connections - I mean half the people go to a coffee shop alone, or get takeaway. Sure you do, but you still will get to connect with the people that serve and make your coffee, and everyone else that hangs out waiting at 7am. It creates a sense of community turning up to the same place every day doesn’t it?

And if you really appreciate your coffee, it is a great opportunity to slow down. Drinking and appreciating the deliciousness. Maybe having a chat and a meal as well.


So this brings me to art.

I think it’s similar.

I think it’s pleasurable and nurturing to have beautiful art in your home.

And yes you can also get instant art, and that will satisfy some, just like the instant coffee. Some of us choose to have a beautiful hand made piece of art that helps create conversations with others (abstract art is great for conversations!), and also creates a connection with the artist. It’s an absolute joy to take pride in the place you live and wake up every day to beautiful things. I like to encourage conscious consumption so I am not encouraging mindless spending, but I personally do love what I love.

It is also an opportunity to pause, slow down and notice. The detail that goes into some art work is incredible and so is the expression and freedom. I could stare are abstract art for ages! I always wonder what head space the artist was in and what she or he was thinking at the time. (No one will ever know by the way - how could we!)

So there you have it - my thoughts on why coffee and art are similar.

What do you think?

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