family Portrait Session | 2 hours

I try to describe to people what documentary family photography is all about, but it is really hard to explain.  I think a lot of us are visual learners so we really need to see things.  And then we really need to experience them to get a greater understanding. Hopefully this slideshow and following images will give you an idea.

My sessions are to capture all the little things that happen in a family on a daily basis, that go unnoticed.  Things you will really enjoy looking back on when you are older and when the kids are gown up.  Your children will LOVE looking at these images when they are older and hopefully you will all LAUGH a lot, together.

Kids are hilarious, they just are.  And they do the strangest, funniest, weird, gross, sweet and cute things ever.  THAT is what I love to capture. I want you all in ten years time, sitting in the lounge room together, laughing and smiling over your photos and the memories they create.

Please enjoy the slide show of this amazing family and been through a lot with their little boy who is absolutely gorgeous and so full of energy as you will see.  He doesn't stop.

If you are interested in an alternative to traditional family portrait photography then one of my documentary family sessions may be just what you are looking for. You can get in touch with me here for any questions or enquiries.