What I learned from Seth Godin and why I plan to blog more.


I have a soft spot for Seth Godin. Years ago I sent him an email asking permission to print and sell a handmade lettering print with one of his quotes. He responded with a resounding yes and wished me luck.

I recently watched this video of Chase Jarvis interviewing Seth Godin.

Coming across this interview was so refreshing. I have my concerns with the education system (that may be an understatement), having had one child failed by it and then having spoken to so many people with similar experiences. We are doing our kids a disservice and literally can not understand how it is continually written about wondering why kids are stressed these days. Of course they are stressed - have you not seen what school does to them? I have noticed there are a lot more “alternative” schools opening up but there is still a long way to go. As I find my blogging voice I plan to write more on this.

Discussed in this interview was art, business, and education and life in general. I loved how straight forward he was, there was no sugarcoating.

So, things that struck home to me during this interview

“Genius is an ancient term fo the voice in our head that is capable of doing something for the first time.” The challenge is to let the genius out.

Stop taking notes - instead be present. (eeeeek this is a big one for me)

Now we live in this world where you don’t need to be picked. ( referencing the internet where anyone can have a voice)

Dig deeper into what really matters.

Build art that people want to share.

Anything worth doing is worth doing because we changed someone else and if we don’t make a change happen what do we do?

Have the intention - this is the change I am trying to make.

As you mature sitting with something becomes easier and diving into the next best thing is a form of hiding.

The command and control model of school is stupid.

We don’t have a content problem - we have a hearing problem.

Straight A isn’t the point ...interesting is the point.

What problem have you solved that has never been solved before? Until you do that you can’t do your homework.

As parents we are too gutless to say to kids - do what you are passionate about. (I’m proud of myself for not being this parent.)

Where are you being generous?

I strongly urge people to have a blog. If you blog every day you blog a point of view for two weeks your brain will act differently.

So here I am starting to blog waayyyy more frequently due to watching this.

If any of this is remotely interesting to you or peaks your interest I can highly recommend you have a watch.

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