What stories do you want to tell?


Most of the time when I start a painting I have no idea what I am doing.


It’s all an IN THE MOMENT decision.

That is how I create what I consider to be my best work. Totally subjective I know.

What I do know, is how and what I am thinking, how I am living my life and where I am at.

While painting this art piece “UNTOLD STORIES” I had been working on overcoming a lot of limiting beliefs.

Beliefs that we all pick up as children.

Beliefs from our parents and other adults in our lives.

Beliefs that a lot of us have.

There is this voice in our head that we are living our life by THAT WE DON’T NEED TO LISTEN TO.

I’m not good enough.

I can’t do that.

I don’t matter

I’m not important

I’m not worthy.

I could go on.

When you ask a room of people who are willing to be brave and honest with themselves, it is incredible how many of us have similar thoughts. Subconscious thoughts, until we start to recognise them.

Once we recognise them it can become quite painful.

And these are running how we live our lives.

But we can change.

It’s time to break free.

To remove the layers.

To live in a place of authenticity.

When we start to become aware, there is a period of grieving.

For what could have been.

Then there might be tears.

A lot of tears.

Imagine your life without the conditioning.

Without erroneous beliefs.

In a place of freedom.








My wish for you is to live your life telling all of the stories you would love to tell.

There might be a bit of work to do.

It will be worth it.

Much love

Rose x



Untold stories- -details3-Rose Hewartson.jpg
Untold stories- -details2-Rose Hewartson.jpg
Untold stories- -details1-Rose Hewartson.jpg

UNTOLD STORIES is 76cm x 60cm Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas.

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