Finding your Heart's Truth - the road to healing


We are constantly living in an external world, looking for outside sources to fix us and make us feel better, make us feel different, make us feel alive.

Turning things around and going within is something that is foreign to many of us - it’s not how we grew up.

Why would we though?

Because the benefits are HUGE.

You will end up discovering your deep guttural heart’s truth.

You will know who you really are.

You will have the power to come alive.

You will live an authentic life filled with joy, creativity, and inspiration.

How do we even do that?

It starts with the first step - FEELING.

And this is what inspired my latest series “HEART’S TRUTH”.

I felt my way through these paintings.

I took the time to notice what I was feeling.

And I have to tell you it’s hard.

I am still not where I want to be at discovering this for myself.

When I started this process a couple of years ago, I didn’t know how to feel.

And even though I have come a fucking long way since then.

I KNOW there is more.

More to discover.

More to unearth.

More to know.

More to feel.

More experiences as a newly embodied self.

So I just keep doing the work……..

What do you need to do to discover your heart’s truth?


The Heart’s Truth Series is 3 Paintings 91 x 19x 3.3cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.

Check for availability for HEART’S TRUTH 1,2,3

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