Los Angeles | Hollywood | Venice Beach | Santa Monica

Being school holidays in Brisbane, I am finally getting around to editing some of my personal images.  First on the list for me is our trip to the US earlier this year.  There are a lot of images, it is hard to narrow them down. 

This first set is from Los Angeles.  Our plane landed around 5.45 local time and our plan was to stay awake until the evening. However, all plans are flexible.  We were pretty shattered after a long flight and then a loooong wait to get through customs at Las Angeles airport, and then another loooong way for our shuttle bus.  After this trip we are not so keen on shuttle buses.  Anyway, we actually had a quick sleep when we first arrived in our hotel and set our alarms to wake us in an hour.  That worked our well because we then headed to Venice Beach, (yes Los Angeles traffic is as crazy as they say), found some decent coffee and an almond croissant and took the walk up to Santa Monica.  We really enjoyed the walk and ended our day at a lovely Italian restaurant on Santa Monica Pier.  Actually one thing we didn't understand about the US, is when you are waiting to order, they serve you bread and loads of it.  From what I remember this Italian restaurant severed us two decent size breads with oil etc  So we didn't really order as much as what we may have.  That doesn't really make much sense to me.  It was also really nice to end the day with the sun setting over the ocean.  Living on the east coast of Australia you don't get to see that too often.