Styling your home with lettering artwork


Yay!! Finally, I have set my shop up for my first range of lettering prints! I am so happy to be able to send these out into the world. I love finding and creating quotes that I find inspiring. Words are so powerful. All words are hand lettered using a brush and ink. I adore this process and find it incredibly relaxing. I also love showing off interiors where the artwork can sit. Being a visual person I always find it helpful to see things in their spaces.  Anyway, I hope you love them as much as I have loved creating them. Hop on over to my SHOP and see what is available.

Quote by the inspiring Seth Godin. Here is his blog post that brought this quote to life.

Quote by Author Rachel Ann Nunes. You can find her work here

Quote by Author Rachel Ann Nunes. You can find her work here

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I am excited to let you know I am widening my creative pursuits and delving into the creative world of art and it's variation. This is just a quick post to give you a taste of what I am doing. I have been lettering (don't know what that is? see images below), which I love because I can design words and quotes that can inspire and create a positive feeling in your life. The other thing I have been doing is Acrylic Painting - which I love. I can only give you a tast of what I have done but I am excited to show you more in the future.